Cabin Package

Our cabin package is available for any of our gable or highwall buildings. Standard features of this package include a 4′ porch with composite decking, a sealed, 9 lite man door, and 2 standard windows, plus an octogan window. Browse our pricing and features below for more details.

Pricing and Features

Package Pricing

Package pricing is in addition to initial building cost

Building Width Cash Price R-T-O Payment
8 Ft. $840 $38.89
10 Ft. $893 $41.34
12 Ft. $945 $43.75
14 Ft. $998 $46.20
Package Add-Ons
Vinyl Railings (per ft.) $30
Pressure Treated Railings (per foot) $15
Package Features
  • 4′ Full-width end porch
  • 36″ Wide pre-hung door
  • 2 Windows


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