About Weaver Barns

Weaver Barns is a family owned and operated business located in Cochranton, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide you with a storage shed that uses the same quality materials you would expect to see on your house, giving you a building that adds beauty and value to your property. We select the materials we use based on durability, functionality, and appearance. We are committed to providing beautiful and long-lasting storage solutions at an affordable price. Our aim is to grow our business through service that results in satisfied customers.

Exterior Siding

We offer sheds with either vinyl siding, or LP Smartside wood siding with Silvertec technology, finished with paint or Wilderness Urethane stain.


We offer shingle or metal roofs for the same cost. For shingle roofs, we use Owens Corning Duration shingles with Surenail Technology. We have found these shingles to withstand high winds exceptionally well. Our metal roofs are installed over a standard roof deck with vapor barrier, which is critical to avoiding condensation.


Our floors are made with pressure treated skids, floor joists, and plywood. This ensures that any contact with the ground does not result in a rotting floor.